When to Look For Us?

There are several symptoms to look at if you’re undecided about looking for us right now. Those includes:

When the emotional starts to affect work, life and relationships.
When there's frequent insomnia.
When there's lack of attention and sudden changes in mood.
When everything seems hopeless.
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When sadness is inevitable and frequent.
When thoughts are mixed, and there's a desire to harm oneself and/or others.
When your addiction to substances puts you down, making you lose control over your life.
Mental Health Therapy
When your marriage or relationship is hit by cheating, fights, abuse, lies, and a routine that should be one of partnership and love, not toxicity.
When you find yourself the victim of domestic violence or abuse, either by your own partner or by a family member.
When you feel paralyzed, distressed and unable to see a prospect of improvement or a way out of emotionally unsustainable situations.
When there are severe or periodic headaches, fatigue and/or drowsiness.

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